April 29, 2011

Video: Analyzing a TestTrack Item's Workflow History

Helix ALM
One of the core strengths of TestTrack is its configurable workflow. It allows TestTrack to support your process, regardless of complexity. The workflow consists of two main components:
  1. States: These are the steps an item goes through. Also known as the item's status.
  2. Events: These usually represent user actions and are used to move an item from one state to another, assign an item, and more. Events are tied to the user that performed it and the date. Other data can be captured as well.
For a more in-depth look at how the workflow is configured, check out the workflow tutorial I posted. Being able to analyze an item's workflow history provides several benefits:
  • Helps you determine why an item may be taking longer to arrive at a specific state
  • Helps you look at the path an item took to get to its current state
  • Allows you to see who has worked on the item and any comments and other data related to those actions
  • Determine why an item took more hours to complete than originally estimated
  • And much more!
This video shows you how to anaylze an item's workflow history, including the new Workflow History Diagram feature that will be available with the 2011.1 release. http://youtu.be/39R1ubYrZIc