July 27, 2011

Video: Recording Objective Evidence With TestTrack

Helix ALM
Do you have enough verifiable and objective evidence for your next audit or submission? The FDA requires that you produce verifiable evidence. This means your product must meet all its key required elements that are validated through the tasks and processes at each stage of the development lifecycle. Clear-cut proof must be documented to show that safety risks and hazards were addressed properly and thoroughly. With TestTrack, teams can easily work on their project tasks while documenting objective evidence that will be needed for submissions and audits. Following are some of the benefits of using TestTrack for your medical device product development practices:
  • Core activities are mapped out visually
  • Traceability can be configured to meet different requirements, perfect for higher-risk projects or device development that requires more in-depth traceability
  • Testers can compare expected and actual screenshots for test run results side by side
  • Data is documented and eSignature-verified each step of the way and can be easily recalled and produced, which equates to be the ultimate evidence for your audits
To learn more about improving your development practices with TestTrack, watch the following video and download our Recognizing the Danger Signs of Weak Traceability white paper. You can also schedule a private demonstration to learn more about TestTrack for life sciences organizations and to discuss your team’s needs. http://youtu.be/4LapIXr9Y6M