May 11, 2012

VirtualScopics Gains Enhanced Product Development Visibility

Helix ALM
VirtualScopicsClinical trials are used to determine if a new drug or medical device is safe and effective. These trials generate MRI, CT, ultrasound, and x-ray images, and it's critical to the success of the trial that these images are analyzed and interpreted correctly. To obtain reliable results, pharmaceutical and medical device companies turn to VirtualScopics, a leading imaging core lab providing central reads and quantitative imaging solutions for drug and medical device clinical trials. Companies involved in the development and production of medical devices must maintain compliance with FDA regulations—particularly 21 CFR Part 11, which governs electronic records, and CFR 820 for good quality processes. Due to the company’s desire to register its software application as a medical device, the development team was starting to feel the pinch from the disparate software tools they were using. They also needed to get greater visibility into their product development lifecycle. Download the customer story to learn how VirtualScopics delivers product improvements faster with TestTrack.