May 19, 2011

Volition Inc. will present at User Conference

MERGE User Conference

The User Conference is 12 days away and we are excited to have our biggest conference yet. Here's what Mark Allender from Volition, Inc. have to say about the conference and his presentation.

Mark Allender, Volition Inc., “Using Perforce ‘Attributes’ for Managing Game Asset Metadata”

Why we’re you motivated to speak on this topic?
Several years ago, Volition made the decision to settle on Perforce ‘attributes’ as our primary mechanism for storing meta data on our game assets.  We’ve learned a lot of lessons since that time.  I wanted to share our failures and successes with the Perforce community in hopes that we can help de-mystify how attributes work and show some ways in which they can effectively be used.

What are the top 3 take-aways from your talk?

  • Don’t be scared to use attributes
  • Be aware of some of the pitfalls of attribute usage
  • Combining attribute usage and custom tools can help create very powerful toolsets for your users

If you only had 1 tweet for your presentation, what would it be?
Perforce attributes are awesome.  We've used them as a fundamental building block for our next-gen tools.  Learn from our experiences.

How long have you been a Perforce fan?
Since November 2003.

What's your vision for innovation using Perforce?
I'd like to continue to explore ways where we can use Perforce to help us get better quality games on the market. Using Perforce to help augment internally developed tools.

If someone slept while you were presenting, what would their dream be about?
While I'm sure the topic of Perforce attributes is enough to keep anyone awake, if someone _were_ to sleep, I'm sure they'd be dreaming of taking me out for a beer.

Where's the most far-flung Perforce user on your team?
Seattle – not very exotic...

Lightning round: Perforce in two words or less? I say "Perforce", you say:

Hope to see you in June.