June 14, 2016

What’s New in QA Wizard Pro 2016.1

Helix ALM
QA Wizard Pro 2016.1 was recently released and it includes some great new features you’ll want to check out.

Use new statements to return information about applications and playback settings when running scripts

Go back and forward between locations in scripts

When working in scripts, use the Go Back and Go Forward toolbar buttons to navigate to the previous or next location you were working in. This makes it easy to follow your path as you switch between scripts and script lines, go to definitions, find and replace text in scripts, debug scripts, and double-click errors in the Errors pane. More infoqawpGoBackForwardButtons

Find items by name in the Workspace and Reports panes

You can now search by name for scripts, folders, reports, and other files in the Workspace and Reports panes to quickly find specific items. More info (Workspace pane) | More info (Reports pane)qawpWorkspaceReportsSearchField

Name playback sessions for easier identification

If you send playback history to the QA Wizard Pro Server, you can now also enable prompting for playback session names before scripts run. Naming sessions makes them easier to find when viewing playback history in the status tool or managing data on the server. More infoqawpNamePlaybackSession You can also use the new SetPlaybackSessionName and GetPlaybackSessionName statements in scripts to name sessions and return the names during playback.

Remove playback data from the server database

QA Wizard Pro Server administrative users can now use the server admin utility to remove playback session data that is no longer needed to free up space in the server database and set a data removal password to restrict who can remove data. More info (removing playback data) | More info (setting data removal password)qawpDataRemoval

Ignore overlay controls during recording and playback

You can now update the properties for overlay controls positioned on top of other controls to ignore them. This lets QA Wizard Pro interact with controls obstructed by an overlay control when recording and running scripts. More infoqawpIgnoreOverlayControl

Want to know more?

Check out the release notes and help to learn more about QA Wizard Pro 2016.1