May 10, 2016

What's New in TestTrack 2016 Documentation

Helix ALM
If you haven't upgraded to TestTrack 2016, you should! It's full of great new features and enhancements. We have lots of documentation to help you get started with the new stuff. Note: Links to both TestTrack desktop and web client help are provided where applicable.

Exporting TestTrack items to Microsoft Word

You'll be interested in the new Microsoft Word export feature if you need to produce documents that contain TestTrack data in a specific format, or view or share data offline. Exporting to Word Learn how to export issues, requirement, requirement documents, test cases, test runs, and folders to Microsoft Word. Desktop client | Web clientCreating Word export templates Get all the details about creating Word export templates. This is a good place to get familiar with the pieces of a template and how templates are used during exports. Desktop | WebSample Word export templates Download sample Word export templates, which you may be able to use a starting point for your own templates. Desktop | WebAdding Word export templates to TestTrack Learn how to add Word export templates you create to TestTrack so other team members can use them for exports. Includes information about uploading templates and controlling access using security groups. Desktop | WebCorrecting Word export template errors Find out how to correct any errors TestTrack reports when uploading Word export templates. Desktop | WebConfiguring Word export templates See other ways you can work with Word export templates. You can duplicate them, import and export to share them between TestTrack projects, and more. Desktop | Web

Viewing linked items in item lists

Learn how to add columns to item lists to see information about linked items.  For each item in the list, you can see all linked items, linked items for a specific item type, or linked items for a specific link type defined by a link definition, such as Requirement Source. Desktop | Web

Adding note widgets to dashboards

Learn how to add note widgets to dashboards. These widgets show formatted text and hyperlinks to TestTrack or external resources. Note widgets are displayed on dashboards in the desktop and web clients, but are configured in the desktop client. Desktop

Administrative enhancements

TestTrack administrative users will be interested in the following topics about managing the TestTrack Server. Generating support diagnostics reports Find out how to generate and email a ZIP file with detailed TestTrack server configuration information to Seapine Support for troubleshooting. Logging errors and warnings for low disk space Find out how to adjust the disk space threshold so you are notified with warnings or severe errors in the server log when space is low on the TestTrack Server computer. Staying informed can help you avoid running out of disk space, which can cause data loss and server down time.

TestTrack SDK updates

If you are developer and use the TestTrack SDK, you’ll be interested in this information about new operations. getDocForExportTemplate Get information about exporting issues, requirements, requirement document details, test cases, and test runs to Microsoft Word. getDocForExportTemplateReqDoc Get information about exporting a specific requirement document to Word. getDocForExportTemplateFolder Get information about exporting items from a specific folder to Word. getTTVersionInfo Get information about retrieving TestTrack Server and SOAP CGI version information. Information is returned to the new CTTVersionInfo type. Remember, you can always find documentation on our web site. If you have documentation suggestions, please let us know.