November 2, 2009

The World Gets Flat for Perforce Training


As the world continues to "flatten", traveling to attend training classes seems to be giving way to the more convenient online training options -- no travel cost, no travel down time.  This trend has evolved significantly over the past couple of years, what with maturing of online technologies. While arguably classroom training still is the best learning environment, online instructor-led training comes pretty close. We are all quite familiar with desktop sharing and online collaboration technologies like Webex and GotoMeeting, which lend themselves nicely to conducting online training. To consummate the training experience, students can log into "cloud" based virtual lab for hands-on exercises.

Starting in December, we are launching online instructor-led training classes, available across multiple time zones. All our popular classes are now available in this new format (while still being available in the traditional classroom format). We have also enhanced the granularity of our offerings. For example, if you are a power user who also takes care of Perforce administration chores, you could sign up for the one-day class on Perforce adminisration. Have a look on our training web pages to see what's available, and let us know what else you think we should produce.