January 15, 2016

You Ask, Seapine Answers

Answers SSWhen we launched our redesigned web site in March of last year, our goal was to make it easy for visitors to learn more about our suite of ALM solutions, professional services, and resources. To do this, we used the latest technologies and frameworks. Unfortunately, our old community forum engine was based on an ancient version of PHP that didn’t work with the new hotness. After the redesigned web site was live, we searched for a suitable replacement to handle user-to-user assistance; something that fit the new way people ask questions and get answers on the web.

Seapine Answers

The result is Seapine Answers, the newest way to get help and tips about TestTrack, QA Wizard Pro, and Surround SCM. You can find Answers on our web site under the Support menu. Some of you are already aware of this new user forum. We wanted to do a soft launch to kick the tires a bit, so we quietly slipped it onto the web site a couple of months ago. Now that we’ve got it tuned up and running smoothly, we’re inviting everyone to check it out. The goal of Answers is the same as the goal of our professional services and support teams: to help our customers be the most successful they can be. In fact, our customer support and services will be the primary monitors of Answers.

Get Answers, Give Answers

But the added strength of Seapine Answers is you. If you’ve got a question, pop into Answers and see if someone has already posted the information you need. If not, ask! And if you see a question you can answer, share your tips and tricks. Answers has points and badges to recognize and reward helpful individuals. If you haven’t had a chance to explore Seapine Answers yet, create an account and take a look around. Let us know what you think!