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  • April 28, 2016

    Today's post is for those of us who still find ourselves spending a good chunk of our time at the shell prompt.  Here are some of the minor features we've gained in 2016.1 to address common command line annoyances:


    The --me option


          #1237288 (Bug #79804) **
              The new option '--me' can be used with 'p4 changes' and
              'p4 clients/labels/branches' as a shorthand for '-u $P4USER'.


    This simple little feature came out of the observation that we spend a lot of time typing "-u my_name", and if you're writing a script that wants to do something like it, you're probably spending even more time getting the script to figure out what "my_name" should be.  Now it's just "--me"!


    Automatic login


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  • April 27, 2016

    In February, several Perforcians participated in Splice, an internal hack-a-thon designed to give Perforce employees an opportunity to work on whatever they wanted for 24 hours. Participants spliced together different pieces of the Perforce DNA, creatively extending our Helix tools to find ways in which we can be more productive and provide a better experience for our customers.

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  • April 14, 2016

    With over 400 attendees buzzing through the Parc 55 Hotel in San Francisco, Perforce's MERGE 2016 is off to a great start! "MERGE" aptly sums up the conference objectives of merging and sharing experiences among users, industry experts and Perforce staff, as well as how the worlds of development and operations are merging into DevOps. 


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  • April 13, 2016

    One of the most exciting elements of MERGE are the Versionary Awards. Now in their third year, the Versionaries recognize the boldest and the bravest in enterprise version control.

    We received hundreds of worthy nominations from companies big and small, and selecting the winners was not easy.

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  • April 11, 2016

    These are interesting times to be in the business of software innovation! It’s exhilarating to see the great things happening now in our space with the continued merging of Dev and Ops, legacy application and new technologies, tried-and-true practices and this new world of Continuous everything.

  • April 08, 2016

    Perforce servers contain a gold mine of data. Interesting data can include the number of changelists per day, the trends in your user license count or the amount of replication lag in your distributed environment.

    What data do you extract from Perforce, and how do you use it?

    At Tableau Software, our mission is to help people see and understand their data. And we help ourselves do the same thing; using our own products is one of our core company values. We use simple Perforce commands, p4toDB queries and customized database solutions to uncover insights in our Perforce data.