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Pre-Conference Training

Select your Pre-Conference Training courses when you register for MERGE 2014.

September 15-16, 2014 | 9AM-5PM | Cost: $1500

This 2-day course provides students with a firm understanding of the fundamental aspects of Perforce, preparing them to use it with confidence. General concepts and practical Perforce skills are taught, with ample opportunity to practice in a lab environment.

Course Agenda

  • Perforce system overview and user interfaces
  • Understanding workspaces and client view maps
  • Basic user operations: creating workspaces, working with files and changelists, submitting changelists, keeping workspaces in sync with the depot
  • Parallel development: merging files, resolving file conflicts
  • Branching and codeline management: creating branches, integrating changes between branches, using named branch views

Monday, Sept. 15, 2014 | 9AM-5PM | Cost: $750

Expanding on the popular "Introduction to Perforce for Administrators" course, this course focuses on advanced topics such as 24x7 availability, security, replication, and scripting.

Course Objectives:

Expand your knowledge of Perforce Administration to keep your Perforce Services running around the clock, grant access securely to a global team, and learn the secrets of Perforce Scripting for reports, customization, and advanced administration.


Completion of both "Introduction to Perforce for Users" and "Introduction to Perforce for Administrators" training courses, or equivalent work experience.

Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014 | 9AM-5PM | Cost: $750

The Perforce Knowledge Base and documentation contain all the information needed to successfully prepare backup and recovery procedures, troubleshoot replication issues, and execute failover to a warm spare. But do you have the confidence in your ability to apply that knowledge when disaster strikes at 2:00 AM?

Workshop Objectives:
Develop the tools to plan and implement a Perforce deployment that meets typical common enterprise requirements according to best practices.


  • Hands-on experience with administering Perforce
  • Completion of both "Introduction to Perforce for Users" and "Introduction to Perforce for Administrators" training courses, or equivalent work experience

Workshop Agenda:
The workshop will consist of the following two sessions:

1. Deployment Architecture Planning
In this session, we’ll explore typical requirements for planning a Perforce deployment, such as:

  • High availability and how to limit downtime and data loss in common failure scenarios
  • Disaster recovery and how to provide for business continuity in the event of a site-wide disaster
  • Failover terminology and common failover options, such as local failover (same machine), high-availability failover, and disaster recovery failover
  • Globally distributed development and how to take advantage of proxies and replicas to support multiple development sites and remote users
  • Capacity planning and how to support a large number of demanding users
  • Comprehensive digital asset management, including version control for more than just source code

2. Battle School
Battle School will test how much knowledge administrators can quickly apply when disaster strikes. We will do nasty things to Perforce servers in a virtual lab environment, and see if you have the skills and knowledge to achieve recovery in a variety of failure scenarios. We will help you determine what problems you are facing in each scenario and examine the critical thinking required of an admin in a firefight.

Monday, Sept. 15, 2014 | 9AM-5PM | Cost: $750

Git Fusion is a seamless addition to the Perforce remote version management environment. It removes the bottlenecks that come from using Git while also making Git more productive. If you have or are contemplating having both Git and Perforce in your development environment, this course is for you.

Course Objectives:
The course will get you up to speed with Git Fusion, giving you the tools necessary to design, install, configure, and maintain the Git Fusion product.

Working knowledge of Git and Perforce.

Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014 | 9AM-5PM | Cost: $750

Continuous delivery (CD) enables companies to keep their software in a constant state of readiness and increase throughput of development through to end customers. This significantly increases the ROI that companies spend on their IT development and reduces time to market. Companies at the forefront of CD are able to release multiple times per day with high quality maintained.

Course Objectives
This one-day course will get you up to speed with the principles and practices of CD, using Perforce as the foundation.

Good knowledge and experience of Perforce and solid understanding of software development lifecycle from requirements to deployment.

Course Overview

  • Continuous development principles and summary of success stories
  • Basic building blocks and tools involved
  • Perforce interfaces for automation
  • Continuous integration (CI) with Perforce - using Jenkins as an example
  • Automating smoke tests upon commits
  • Pre-commit reviews via shelving
  • Puppet as an example of continuous deployment
  • Perforce deployment architecture - offloading CI builds onto separate replicas/edge servers
  • Using Swarm as the hub of CD
  • Perforce internal experience with CD