9am-1pm UK GMT

This 4-hour course introduces you to Helix Versioning Engine and prepares you to use it with confidence. You’ll learn general concepts and practical skills, with opportunities to practice concepts and techniques in a lab environment.

In this course, you will follow accelerated instruction to best understand the fundamental aspects of Helix, including process support via changelists, labels, and jobs, and to discover reporting techniques using Helix metadata.


  • Helix system overview and user interfaces
  • Overview of P4V preferences
  • Basic user operations:
    • Creating workspaces
    • Working with files and changelists
    • Submitting changelists
    • Keeping workspaces in sync with the depot
    • File reporting and diffing
  • Basic parallel development and process support:
    • Working with streams
    • Merging files
    • Resolving file conflicts
    • Copying up
    • Jobs and defect tracking
    • Time-lapse view
    • Revision graph
    • Introduction to shelving
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