9am-1pm, PDT

This class introduces Helix Versioning Engine to anyone who expects to use or administer Helix and prepares them to use it with confidence. It provides users with general concepts and practical skills, with ample opportunity to practice concepts and techniques in a lab environment.

Note: This course will be taught on Windows.

Course Objectives

  • Understand fundamental aspects of Helix
  • Process support with changelists, labels, and jobs
  • Report techniques using Helix metadata


  • Software development experience
  • Familiarity with at least one operating system

Course Agenda

  • Helix system overview and user interfaces
  • Workspaces and client view maps
  • Basic user operations: creating workspaces, working with files and changelists, submitting changelists, keeping workspaces in sync with the depot
  • Parallel development: merging files, resolving file conflicts
  • Branching and codeline management: creating branches, integrating changes between branches, using named branch views
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