The editor invoked by Helix Server commands that use forms.

Usage Notes

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Value if not Explicitly Set

Operating System Value

Linux, UNIX, macOS

If EDITOR is set to any value, then the value of EDITOR,

otherwise, vi.


If P4EDITOR is set to any value, then the value of P4EDITOR,

otherwise, Notepad.


On Linux, UNIX, macOS:

export EDITOR=/usr/bin/vi

On Windows:

p4 set P4EDITOR="C:\Program Files\TextPad 8\TextPad.exe"


If P4EDITOR is not set, the operating system's default text editor is used. To use a different text editor, set P4EDITOR to the appropriate executable. Some text editors require additional flags to ensure proper interaction. For example, the Notepad++ text editor works best with the -nosession -multiInst options:

p4 set P4EDITOR="C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad+\notepad+.exe -nosession -multiInst"


The regular Helix Server commands that use forms (and therefore, use this variable), are p4 branch, p4 change, p4 client, p4 job, p4 label, p4 submit, and p4 user.

The superuser commands that use forms are p4 depot, p4 group, p4 jobspec, p4 protect, p4 triggers, and p4 typemap.