Contains the non-default path and name of a configuration file that stores Helix Server environment variables.

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Value if not Explicitly Set

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Windows, macOS





The file specified by P4ENVIRO contains the same kind of information as the file specified by P4CONFIG. The difference is that the P4CONFIG variable contains just the file name of a configuration file for which the system searches through successive parent directories; the P4ENVIRO variable contains the exact location of a configuration file if it is not at its default location. For Windows and macOS platforms, the P4ENVIRO variable must be explicitly set if you have values stored in a configuration file you mean to use across projects.

Each line in the P4ENVIRO file is used to define one variable; the definition takes the form variable=value.

You can use both P4ENVIRO and P4CONFIG files to define environment variables: use the P4CONFIG file for those variables that have different values for different workspaces and the P4ENVIRO file for those variables that remain constant for all projects. Values set in a P4CONFIG file override those set in a P4ENVIRO file.


Setting P4ENVIRO on Windows will cause p4 set to store values in the specified environment file rather than in the Windows registry.


A sample P4ENVIRO file might contain the following line: