Contains the non-default path and name of a configuration file that stores Helix Server environment variables.

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Value if not Explicitly Set

Operating System Value

Windows, Mac OS X





The file specified by P4ENVIRO contains the same kind of information as the file specified by P4CONFIG. The difference is that the P4CONFIG variable contains just the file name of a configuration file for which the system searches through successive parent directories; the P4ENVIRO variable contains the exact location of a configuration file if it is not at its default location. For Windows and Mac OS X platforms, the P4ENVIRO variable must be explicitly set if you have values stored in a configuration file you mean to use across projects.

Each line in the P4ENVIRO file is used to define one variable; the definition takes the form variable=value.

You can use both P4ENVIRO and P4CONFIG files to define environment variables: use the P4CONFIG file for those variables that have different values for different workspaces and the P4ENVIRO file for those variables that remain constant for all projects. Values set in a P4CONFIG file override those set in a P4ENVIRO file.


Setting P4ENVIRO on Windows will cause p4 set to store values in the specified environment file rather than in the Windows registry.


A sample P4ENVIRO file might contain the following line: