Configurables allow you to customize a Helix Core service.

To see details about a configurable, click a letter:



Configurables that affect the server

p4 configure show displays the current configuration of this server.

Use p4 configure to set or unset configurables that affect a Helix Server. These configurables are also described in p4 help configurables. For more information on options for setting server configurables and their order of precedence, see p4 configure.

  • The DistributedConfig field of the server spec shows a line for each configurable that is set to a non-default value. In this field, you can edit the value, add a new line to set a different configurable to a non-default value, or delete a line to reset that configurable to its default value.
  • p4 configure history allows the super user to track the history of changes to the values of configurables.

server restart

Most configurables can be set dynamically. A subset of the configurables require the server to be stopped and restarted. In the alphabetical list of configurables, look for this Note:

After you change the value of this configurable, you must explicitly "stop" the server.


p4 admin restart is not sufficient.

For UNIX, see Stopping the Perforce Service and Starting the Perforce Service.

For Windows, see Starting and stopping the Helix Server.

Configurables that affect the client

You can set configurables that affect the client in the following ways (shown in order of precedence):

Configurables that affect the proxy

You can set configurables that affect the proxy in the following ways:

  • Using a command line option. For example:

    $ p4p -p tcp64:[::]:1999 -t central:1666 -r /var/proxyroot -v proxy.monitor.level=2
  • Using environment variables
  • On Windows, using the p4 set command:

    C:\> p4 set -S "perforce_proxy" P4POPTIONS="-v myconfig=myvalue"