p4 remotes

Display a list of remote specifications.


For distributed version control. See Using Helix Core Server for Distributed Versioning (DVCS).


p4 [g-opts] remotes [[-e|-E] namefilter] [-m count]

Syntax conventions


(DVCS) Use this command to display a list of remote specifications.


A DVCS remote shared server is not related to the concept of a remote depot in Helix Core Server Administrator Guide.


With no options specified p4 remotes lists all remote specifications defined on this server.

-e namefilter

Lists remote specs with a name that matches the namefilter pattern. For example:

$ p4 remotes -e svr-dev-rel*

The -e option uses the server’s normal case-sensitivity rules.

-E namefilter

Performs the same operation as the -e option, but makes the matching case-insensitive even on a case-sensitive server.

-m count

Limits output to the specified number of remote specs.

-u user

Lists remote specs owned by the specified user.

Usage Notes

Can File Arguments Use Revision Specifier? Can File Arguments Use Revision Range? Minimal Access Level Required




The command returns no output if there is no object to report on.


p4 remotes -m 5

List up to 5 remote specs.

Related Commands

To create, modify or delete a remote specification

p4 remote