p4 zip

(DVCS) Package a set of files and their history for use by p4 unzip.


p4 zip -o file [-r remote -A -I] [filespec | -c change]
p4 zip -o file [-r remote -A -I] -s shelf

Syntax conventions


Writes the following to the specified zip file:

  • the specified set of files
  • the changelists that submitted those files
  • the files' attributes
  • any fixes association with the changelists
  • all integration records that describe integrations to the files being zipped

The content of the zip file can be specified either by providing a filespec, which selects a set of revisions, or by providing one or more changelist numbers using the -c option, which selects all the revisions modified by those changelists.

The second form of the command writes a single shelved changelist to the specified zip file. When you use the -s option, you must also use the -A option.

The zip appears either in the server installation directory (P4ROOT) or the path that you specify in the file option.



Include the archive content of the new revisions.

-c change

Zips up just the files covered by the specified changelist.


Excludes integration records for the new revisions.

-o filename

Specifies the zip file name.

-r remotespec

Specifies the remote spec to be used to re-map the files when they are written to the zip file.


Specifies a shelved changelist to be zipped, instead of one or more submitted changelists. For more information, see the section "Fetch and push a shelved changelist" in Using Helix Core Server for Distributed Versioning.


Specifies the filepath of the files to zip up.


p4 zip -o foo //...

Creates a zip file named foo with all changes and revisions.

Usage Notes

Can File Arguments Use Revision Specifier? Can File Arguments Use Revision Range? Minimal Access Level Required




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