Run p4 init

Here is the p4 init command syntax:

p4 [-u user] [-d dir] [-c client] init [-h -q] [-c stream] [-Cx] [-xi -n] [-p]

p4 init includes a number of command-line arguments:

  • To configure your personal server without Unicode support, pass the -n option.
  • To have Helix server create the personal server’s files in a directory other than the current directory, specify the directory with the -d option.
  • Use the -q option to suppress informational messages.
  • Use the -c [stream] option to create the specified stream as the mainline stream rather than the default //stream/main.

Directories and files

The p4 init command creates the following directories and files in the directory in which the command is invoked:

  • .p4root - A directory containing the database files that will contain the metadata about files checked into Helix server.
  • .p4ignore - A list of files Helix server shouldn’t add or reconcile.
  • .p4config - A file containing configuration parameters for the client-server connection.

In addition, the p4 init command does the following:

  • Creates a P4CLIENT workspace. Note that the client option allwrite is set by default, making files writable without the need to check them out with p4 edit first. You must, however, issue a p4 reconcile command before shelving or submitting files.
  • Creates a stream depot.
  • Creates an initial stream, called main.