Sync only

This option is used if you have a hand-crafted build environment that you don't want to lose any files from. No cleanup is attempted and the sync will update all files (as CLOBBER is set) to the required revisions. This option is best for incremental builds and is mostly used for Pipeline builds.

Sync Only

You can select a number of options:

  • Force sync: Replaces the workspace files.
  • Populate have list: Overwrites the Perforce "have list". The "have list" records which files have been synced to the workspace. This is usually used when you are not force syncing and only want the next sync to transfer the changes made since the last time the workspace was synced.
  • Sync with MODTIME for consistency check: Preserves the modification time of files during the sync operation.
  • QUIET Perforce messages: Enables the -q flag for all applicable Perforce Helix Core Server operations. Summary details will still be displayed.
  • Revert any open or unshelved files: Used to undo any changes made by previous builds based on Helix Swarm reviews or changes made manually within Perforce.
  • Pin build at Perforce Label: When a build is triggered by Polling, Build Now, or an external action, the workspace will only sync to the Perforce label in this field. Any other specified change or label will be ignored. Supports variable expansion, for example ${VAR}. If now is used, or a variable that expands to now, the latest change is used (within the scope of the workspace view). For more information about environment variables, see Variable Expansion.