Spec File workspace

Loads the workspace configuration from a depot file containing a client workspace spec. This is the same output as p4 client -o and the Spec depot .p4s format. The name of the Workspace must match the name of the client workspace spec.

Image of Spec File Workspace Configuration

  1. Workspace behaviour: select Spec File (load workspace spec from file in Perforce) from the dropdown list.
  2. Character Set: sets the character set used by Jenkins when syncing files from the Perforce Helix Core Server. This should be set to none unless the workspace is connected to a Unicode enabled Helix Server.
  3. Workspace name: specify the name of the existing Perforce workspace that will be used as the Jenkins build workspace. If you are connected to a Helix Server, workspaces will be auto suggested as you type. Updates are only applied when the workspace is used. If the workspace does not exist yet, the configuration will be saved in Jenkins. The workspace is only created when it is used.
  4. Important


    • Use a unique workspace name for the Jenkinsfile that will not get reused by the sync steps in the script. A postfix of -script will help to identify the workspace's use and make it unique from code sync steps.
    • Variables in the script for the workspace name must be surrounded by single quotes as shown:

    • name: 'jenkins-${NODE_NAME}-${JOB_NAME}-${EXECUTOR_NUMBER}',

      Using full double quotes " expands the variables early and the script will fail.

  5. Depot path for workspace spec: specify the depot path the existing Perforce workspace spec is stored in. If you are connected to a Helix Server, suitable paths will be auto suggested as you type.