Managing users and groups

All users can display lists of users and groups using P4Admin, but only users with admin or super permissions can make changes.

To view or edit users and groups

To view all the users and groups that are defined on the Helix Core Server to which you are connected, select Tools > Administration and click the Users & Groups tab.

To edit a user or group

Right-click the user or group you want to edit and select Edit.

To create a group

Click File > New > Group. In the Group:New dialog, provide a Description that might be useful in case your organization will have many groups.

Group settings and limits

You can also set limits on the members of the group, such as how much Server memory a command can use. This limit applies individually to each command issued by each member of the group. For example, if the limit is 1000 MB, any number of users can simultaneously run a command that uses any amount less than 1000 MB, such that in aggregate far more than 1000 MB is used. However, if any member of the group issues a command that exceeds 1000 MB, that particular command is subject to termination. The enforcement depends upon when the Server detects the need to terminate a command, so occasionally a command might temporarily exceed the limit.

If your Helix Core service is configured for LDAP, you can configure the LDAP fields that appear. When you are done providing values for the new group, click OK.

To create a user

  1. In P4V, select Tools > Administration. P4Admin opens.
  2. Choose File > New​ > User.

    The User dialog opens.

  3. Enter user information as follows. Click OK after making your entries.


    The Helix Server user name.


    The password (if any) required for the user to connect to the server.


    The user’s email address.

    Full name

    The user’s real name.

    Job view

    (Optional) Criteria specifying which jobs are automatically included on any new changelists created by the user

    Example: User=bruno Status=open

    For details, refer to the description of the p4 jobs -e flag in Helix Core Command-Line (P4) Reference.


    Files of interest to the user, specified using depot syntax

    When changelists that affect the file are submitted, the user receives email notification of the change. Note that you can also specify files of interest by clicking the Reviews tab.


    Groups to which the user belongs

    To add the user to a group, enter the name of the group in the Group field and click Add, or click Browse, select the group, and click OK.

To manage a user

To display details about a user

Click that user specification. The details about that user are displayed at the bottom of the Users tab.

To display a user's group memberships

Expand the user in the Users pane. To display the users in a group, expand the group in the Groups pane.

To add a user to a group

Drag the user from the Users pane to the desired group. To remove a user from a group, right-click the user in the group and choose Remove.

To edit a user's group memberships

  1. Right-click the user and select Edit User.

    The User dialog is displayed.

  2. Edit the list displayed in the Group membership field.

To see what a user or group can access

To see which areas of the depot tree a user or group can access, right-click the user or group and select Show Permissions. The Permissions tab lets you View permissions for that user or group, and make edits.