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FileMetaData Properties

The FileMetaData type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAction
What is the current Action being performed on this file
Public propertyActionOwner
Who is causing the current action to this file
Public propertyAttributeDigests
Dictionary of Attribute MD5 Digests
Public propertyAttributes
Dictionary of Attributes
Public propertyAttributesProp
Dictionary of Attribute Properties
Public propertyChange
Change ID
Public propertyClientPath
The location of the file relative to client root a ClientPath
Public propertyDepotPath
The location of the file in the depot
Public propertyDesc
Public propertyDigest
MD5 Digest for this file
Public propertyDirectory
Directory containing this file
Public propertyFileSize
Size of the file
Public propertyHaveRev
What revision do you have?
Public propertyHeadAction
What was the last action done on this file?
Public propertyHeadChange
What Change Id is associated with Head revision
Public propertyHeadModTime
What is the last modification time of the head revision
Public propertyHeadRev
What revision is the Head revision
Public propertyHeadTime
What is the creation time of the head revision
Public propertyHeadType
What is the FileType of the Head Revision
Public propertyIsInClient
Check if there is a non empty ClientPath
Public propertyIsInDepot
Check if there is a non-empty Depot Path
Public propertyIsMapped
Is this file mapped in the client/workspace?
Public propertyIsStale
Checks if the currently synced file is not at the latest revision
Public propertyLocalPath
The location of the file in the client's file system, a LocalPath
Public propertyMovedFile
Access the DepotPath of the Moved File
Public propertyMovedRev
What revision was moved?
Public propertyOpenAttributes
Dictionary of Open Attributes
Public propertyOpenAttributesProp
Dictionary of Open Attributes Properties
Public propertyOtherActions
List of Actions by other users
Public propertyOtherChanges
List of other change IDs
Public propertyOtherLock
Does someone else have this file locked?
Public propertyOtherLockUserClients
List of Other Locks Clients
Public propertyOtherOpen
How many others have this file open?
Public propertyOtherOpenUserClients
List of other clients which have this file open
Public propertyOtherUsers
Other Users of this file
Public propertyOurLock
Do we have this file locked?
Public propertyReresolvable
Is this file Re Resolvable?
Public propertyResolved
Is this file Resolved?
Public propertyResolveRecords
List of Resolve records
Public propertyShelved
Is this file shelved
Public propertyTotalFileCount
Total File count
Public propertyType
What is the File Type of this file
Public propertyUnresolved
Is this file Unresolved?
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