MonItems - between real-time counters and storage

The MonItems class is the bridge between the counters and the storage.

The MemItems class either maps the contents of an existing memory-mapped file into MonItem objects or maps registered MonItem objects into a new or existing memory-mapped file.

If you want to write a utility that accesses the counters and reads their values, see the example that exports the counters in a manner compatible with Prometheus real-time monitoring,, which is located inside

For more information, see p4 monitor realtime in Helix Core Command-Line (P4) Reference.

bool Load(const char *file, Error *e)

Loads an existing memory mapped file, registering the MonItem objects in the file

void Display()

Dumps all the registered MonItem objects to STDOUT

MonItem *First()

Returns the first registered MonItem object. Use with Next(MonItem *counter) to iterate over MonItem objects

MonItem *Next(MonItem *counter)

Returns the next registered MonItem object. Use with First() to iterate over MonItem objects