P4GT for Maya User Guide (2019.1)

Get started with Helix Core server

To start using Helix Core server, you need to configure your client computer to access the Helix server. For more information, see the Configure clients chapter in the Helix Core Server User Guide.

To view Helix Core menus in Maya, you first need to enable the P4GT plugin.

P4GT offers access to a number of Helix server commands. Use the Helix Core menu to:

  • Add files to the Helix server depot.
  • Check files into and out of the depot.
  • Lock a file while you have it checked out, preventing others from modifying it.
  • Undo or revertTo discard the changes you have made to a file in the client workspace before a submit. your add or check out.


    When you revert a checked-out file, all changes you made after check-out are discarded and the file is restored to the last checked-in version (which is not necessarily the last version you saved).

  • View detailed Helix server and file information, including revision history, file status, and connection information.

To learn more about these commands, see the Helix Core menu overview.

To uninstall P4GT

Do one of the following:

  • Run the P4GT installer and select Uninstall.
  • Use the appropriate Windows control panel (for example, Add or Remove Programs), select Helix Plugin for Graphical Tools, and uninstall it.