What’s new in this guide


See the Release Notes.


It is now possible to choose whether a release, development, or mainline stream inherits views from its parent stream. For example, you might want to your release streams to remain unaffected when the parent stream updates certain files, such as libraries that might affect builds. See Stream ParentView Examples.

It is now possible to integrate stream spec changes across streams. This can be useful for noinherit streams as well as for custom, propagatable fields.

The p4 istat command has the -As and -Af options to report the integration status of the stream spec and the stream files.

See the Release Notes.


See the Release Notes at https://www.perforce.com/perforce/r20.1/user/relnotes.txt.


Various bug fixes. See the Release Notes at https://www.perforce.com/perforce/r19.2/user/relnotes.txt.


Improved control when updating a stream spec with the "Private editing of streams" feature. See Update streams.

For a complete list of what's new in this release, see the release notes.