Global settings

The following settings apply to all operations you specify for the broker.

Setting Meaning Example


The default Helix Core Server (P4D) to which commands are sent unless overridden by other settings in the configuration file.

target = [protocol:]host:port;


The address on which the Helix Broker listens for commands from Helix Server client applications.

listen = [protocol:][host:]port; (Optional) The unique ID associated with the Broker. = brokerSvrID;


The home directory for the Helix Broker. Other paths specified in the broker configuration file must be relative to this location.

directory = path;


Path to the Helix Broker logfile.

logfile = path;


Level of debugging output to log. Overrides the value specified by the -v option and P4DEBUG. You can specify the value for one or more flags.

debug-level = server=1, time=1, rpl=3;


The name of your Helix Server Administrator. This is displayed in certain error messages.

admin-name = "P4 Admin";


An email address where users can contact their Helix Server Administrator. This address is displayed to users when broker configuration problems occur.

admin-email = [email protected];


The telephone number of the Helix Server Administrator.

admin-phone = nnnnnnn;


The redirection mode to use: selective or pedantic.

In selective mode, redirection is permitted within a session until one command has been executed against the default (target) server. From then on, all commands within that session run against the default server and are not redirected.

In pedantic mode, all requests for redirection are honored.

The default mode is selective.

redirection = selective;


An optional user account by which the broker authenticates itself when communicating with a target server.

The broker configuration does not include a setting for specifying a password as this is considered insecure. Use the p4 -u service-user login -p command to generate a ticket. Store the displayed ticket value in a file, and then set the ticket-file setting to the path of that file.

To provide continuous operation of the broker, the service-user user should be included in a group that has its Timeout setting set to unlimited. The default ticket timeout is 12 hours.

service-user = svcbroker;


An optional alternate location for P4TICKETS files.

ticket-file = /home/p4broker/.p4tickets;


Compress connection between broker and server. Over a slow link such as a WAN, compression can increase performance. If the broker and the server are near to each other (and especially if they reside on the same physical machine), then bandwidth is not an issue, and compression should be disabled to spare CPU cycles.

compress = false;


An optional alternate server to help reduce the load on the target server.
The name assigned to the alternate server is used in command handler specifications.
See Alternate server definitions.

The syntax is:

altserver: name { target=[protocol:]host:port; }

Multiple altserver settings may appear in the broker configuration file, one for each alternate server. For example:

altserver: rep_18310 { target=; }
altserver: rep_18320 { target=; }
altserver: rep_18330 { target=; }


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