Customizing Helix Server: job specifications

The Helix Server jobs feature enables users to link changelists to enhancement requests, problem reports, and other user-defined tasks. Helix Server also offers P4DTG (Helix Defect Tracking Gateway) as a means to integrate third-party defect tracking tools with Helix Server. See Working with third-party defect tracking systems for details.

The Helix Server user’s use of the p4 job command is discussed in the Helix Core Command-Line (P4) Guide. This chapter covers administrator modification of the jobs system.

The default jobs template has five fields for tracking jobs. These fields are sufficient for small-scale operations, but as projects managed by Helix Core server grow, the information stored in these fields might be insufficient. To modify the job template, use the p4 jobspec command. You must be a Helix Core server administrator to use p4 jobspec.

This chapter explains how to modify the Helix Server job template.


Improper modifications to the Helix Server job template can lead to corruption of your server’s database. Recommendations, caveats, and warnings about changes to job templates are summarized at the end of this chapter.