Edge-to-edge chaining

If your organization is geographically dispersed, you might want all your users to have an edge server nearby.

An edge server can get files and metadata from another edge server rather than from a distant commit server.

You can have any number of such edge servers in the chain.

Configure each edge server so that its P4TARGET is the closest inner server, where "inner" means toward the commit server.

Log in sequence for service users

Although a regular end-user is only required to log in to the closest edge, service users must log in according to the following sequence, where E1 is the edge nearest the commit, E2 is the edge in the middle, and E3 is the edge furthest from the commit.

Step for E1

  • Log in to the commit server.

Step for E2

  • Log in to E1.

Steps for E3

  1. Log in to E1.
  2. Log into E2.
  • Only the inner-most edge connects directly to the commit server.
  • A Forwarding replica can offload read-only commands for an edge server.