Swarm integration properties



Version Introduced


Set to the URL for the Helix Swarm server to enable the P4V integration with.



If multiple Swarm servers exist, specify multiple Swarm URLs. xxxx is the server ID for the desired server.



Set the timeout value for the P4V integration with Swarm. By default, this is 10 seconds.


Configuring Swarm connections

In order for P4V to connect to a Swarm server, it must know where the server is installed. Because Swarm is a web application, a URL can specify its location.

The Swarm or P4V administrator uses the P4.Swarm.URL[.serverid] property to specify the location of a Swarm server.

  • To identify the location of a single Swarm server, use either the P4.Swarm.URL or the P4.Swarm.URL[.serverid] syntax, depending on whether the server has a serverid. For example, the following command specifies that the location of the server given by is https://my_swarm_server.com.

    $ p4 -p "" property -a -n P4.Swarm.URL -v "https://my_swarm_server.com"
  • To identify the location of several Swarm server instances, use the P4.Swarm.URL[.serverid] syntax, and specify the server id for each Swarm server each time you invoke the p4 property command. For example:

    $ p4 -p "" property -a -n P4.Swarm.URL.svr1 -v "https://my_swarm_server1.com"
    $ p4 -p "" property -a -n P4.Swarm.URL.svr2 -v "https://my_swarm_server2.com"

    Using the server id format is only necessary if you are using a Centralized authorization server (P4AUTH) or if you are deploying multiple instances of Swarm against replicas or edge servers.

When P4V attempts to connect to a server that has no serverid, it checks to see if the property P4.Swarm.URL is set, and it uses that URL to access Swarm. If the property is not set, P4V does not attempt to talk to Swarm.

When P4V attempts to connect to a server that has a serverid,

  1. P4V asks the server for its server id and gets, for example, svr1.
  2. P4V checks the setting of p4.Swarm.URL.svr1, and it uses that URL to talk to Swarm.
  3. If p4.Swarm.URL.svr1 is not set, P4V checks the value of p4.Swarm.URL and uses that value to access the Swarm server.
  4. If p4.Swarm.URL is not set, P4V does not attempt to talk to Swarm.

If there is a value both for p4.Swarm.URL and for p4.Swarm.URL.myserverid when P4V attempts to connect to a Swarm server, the serverid match takes precedence.

The user issuing the p4 property command must have an account on the specified Swarm server.

You can use the p4 property command to list the current properties of the Swarm server; for example:

$ p4 -p "" property -l -A
   P4.Swarm.Timeout = 10 (any) #1
   P4.Swarm.URL.master-1666 = https://my_swarm_server1.com