P4Search is a Technology preview.

Technology previews:

Technology Preview features are currently unsupported, might not be functionally complete, and are not suitable for deployment in production. These features are provided to the customer to solicit interest and feedback, with the goal of full support in future releases. Customers are encouraged to provide feedback and functionality suggestions for Technology Preview features before they become fully supported.

P4Search web page

The P4Search web User Interface (UI) enables you search submitted changes, file revisions, and file content in your Helix Core server.

For information about using the web UI, see P4Search web page.

Image of the P4Search web page

P4Search API

Helix Core Search API (P4Search) is a REST service providing an API to support Swarm and P4V. The service needs a connection to Elasticsearch and a Helix Core server.

This document will guide you through installing, configuring, and using the P4Search web UI and API endpoints. P4Search also supports the legacy API endpoints used by earlier versions of P4Search (Apache Solr). It assumes that you are an experienced Helix server and REST APIs.

Example usage:

Extend standard Swarm searches to search file content and changelist description by using P4Search.

System diagram

Image of the P4Search system overview diagram

Perforce terminology

Definitions for the Perforce terms used in this documentation are:

  • Helix Core server: also referred to as P4D and Helix server: the program that manages file revisions.
  • Depot: the central repository where file revisions are stored and managed by Helix server.
  • Workspace: the area on your computer where you work with your copies of files and directories that are managed by Helix server.
  • Changelist: a group of files, with a description explaining how you have changed them (for example,"New process added for the Alpha system"). Changelists are assigned numbers by the Helix server so you can track them. Changelists enable you to group related files and submitClosedTo send a pending changelist into the Helix server depot for processing. them together.

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