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  • The Stream Graph feature has enhancements for filtering, navigating, and comparing streams. See Using the Stream Graph.

  • The context menu for the stream spec within a Submitted Changelist tab offers options for Stream History, Stream Revision Graph, Diff Against Previous Revision, and Diff Against Head.

  • Integration with Swarm includes support for reviews of stream specs when the stream spec is the only change in the changelist.

  • When connected to a Helix server version 2021.1 or later, and you reuse your workspace to switch it to an unrelated stream or to a stream in a different depot, your work in progress will be saved. See Unrelated streams versus related streams.

  • Git Refs tab allows you to filter the view by tag or branch, sync a repo to a tag or branch, and diff against head or previous commit.

  • History tab for repos lists the changes made to folders.

  • Viewing effective settings has enhancements for viewing the status of P4V features.


Your administrator can override your list of URLs by setting the P4VJS.HTMLAllowList property. You can use the Copy to Clipboard button to help you email a properly-formatted list of URLs for your administrator to consider allowing. See HTML Tools preferences.

For P4VJS (see P4VJS Developer Guide):


"Applets" for P4V and P4Admin are no longer supported. This is because the P4V WebKit-based P4JsApi (the JavaScript API for Visual Tools) has been officially retired. It is replaced by P4VJS, which is a WebEngine-based solution that supports HTML5. For more information, see P4VJS Developer Guide and P4JSAPI to P4VJS Conversion Guide.


The stream specification and inheritance topic explains the new concept of Parent View inherit versus noinherit.

New conventions for stream display indicate the value of the Parent View - see Using the Stream Graph.

Creating streams is affected by the Rules for the default Parent view, which might allow the user to:

A user of a stream spec with Parent View noinherit can manually merge changes from the parent stream - see Stream spec integration.

Comments about the stream spec are supported in the Stream Edit dialog's Advanced tab

The Resolve Stream dialog now supports three ways of Resolving stream specs.

The P4V user who submits files to an edge server no longer needs to wait for the submitted archive files to be transferred to the commit server. See Background archive transfer for edge server submits

Graph depotClosedA depot of type graph that is used to store Git repos in the Helix server. See also Helix4Git and classic depot. enhancement: History tab for repos now supports:

  • History comparison using Folder Diff
  • Diff Against Head and Diff Against Previous
  • sorting the rows and repositioning the columns

For P4VJS:

Performance enhancements that avoid the wait time while a large list loads:

  • Workspace tree list of files now loads files as the user scrolls down
  • Depot tree list of files -- If Preferences > Server Data > Number of files per directory fetched at a time in the Depot tree is set to a value other than the default of 0, such as the non-default minimum of 500, files will load as the user scrolls down. The user might see "Loading for files ..." while another batch is loading.

Swarm integration - see Show submitted changelist in Swarm.



Large changelist area within dialog box

If the number of files in the changelist exceeds the limit of Edit > Preferences > Server Data > Maximum number of files displayed per changelist , the dialogs for Submit, Shelve, Unshelve, Revert, and Resolve display the files differently. See Server Data preferences.

Graph Depot features

Users can create, open, and sync hybrid workspacesClosedA workspace that maps to files stored in a depot of the classic Perforce file revision model as well as to files stored in a repo of the graph model associated with git. to browse and view both Perforce and Git (graph depotClosedA depot of type graph that is used to store Git repos in the Helix server. See also Helix4Git and classic depot.) source files. See Working with graph depots.

Edit recent workspaces

You can specify how many recent workspaces are listed and remove the recent workspaces you no longer want. See Edit recent workspaces.

Custom page before and after a submit (HTML Actions)

You can make P4V present a custom HTML page before and after the user submits a changelist. See Custom HTML Actions, HTML Tabs, and HTML Windows.

Command-line enhancements

Although P4V is primarily used a graphic user interface, it does have a command-line interface. The new commands are p4vc history, p4vc properties, and p4vc diffprev. In addition, p4vc submit now supports launching with file names. See Launching P4V components from the command-line client, P4VC.

Stream spec enhancements

  • displays any custom fields of the stream spec form. (Such fields are created on the server command line by using the p4 streamspec command.)
  • supports diff stream against previous

P4Admin features


For a complete list about the product, see the 2019.2 P4V Release Notes. New information in this Guide is at:

Display preferences allow the choice of:

Dark theme for a dark background with light font:

or the default Light theme:


Following is a summary of new information with links to topics. For a complete list, see 2019.1 P4V Release Notes.

  • Introduced private editing of streams. This feature lets you modify a stream in isolation from other users of that stream, as opposed to having changes become global as soon as you save them. Privately edited streams get checked out and added to a changelist, allowing for advanced testing and enhanced traceability. For details, see Editing stream specs and Resolving stream specs.
  • Added the option to filter the depot view by stream type. For details, see Customize Depot and Workspace views using filters.
  • When switching streams in the current workspace, P4V now:

    • Offers the option to perform a reconcile operation when switching streams in the current workspace. For details, see Streams preferences.
    • Automatically shelves files checked out to the default changelist. For details, see Work in a stream
    • Prompts you to shelve files checked out to a numbered changelist.

For details, see Streams preferences and Work in a stream.