Viewing image file history with Time-lapse View

Time-lapse View for images provides an interactive graphical representation of an image file’s history, showing changes, who made the changes, and when the changes were made. Time-lapse View enables you to view changes as a slideshow or browse forward and back through changes dynamically. Detail panes at the bottom of the window provide more information about selected revisions.

For information about Time-lapse View for non-image files, see Viewing file history with Time-lapse View.

You can view the following image file types in Time-lapse View:

  • BMP
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • PBM
  • PGM
  • PPM
  • TIFF
  • XBM
  • XPM

To access Time-lapse View for images:

  1. Right-click the image file and select Time-Lapse View.
  2. In the Time-lapse Image Range dialog, select how many file revisions you want to view.

    You can select a defined number of the most recent revisions; a range of revisions defined by revision number, changelist number, or date/time; or all revisions. You can also tell the system to remember your choice as the default to avoid being prompted again.

  3. Click OK.

To control the Time-lapse View display, use the following settings and features.


Specifies the unit used: revision number, date, or changelist number.

Current selection

Specifies the current revision being displayed, in the unit selected in the Scale field.

Retrieved range

Specifies the starting and ending revision displayed, in the units selected.

p4v tweening

Enables or disables tweening effects, which generate intermediate frames between each image to give the appearance of a smooth transformation from one image to another.


p4v autoplay p4v autoplay stop

Select to stop or start a slideshow presentation of the image revisions.

Rotate images every seconds

p4v rotate

Specifies the time between image revisions during Autoplay.


p4v image slider

Move the slider to the right to display the next file revision or left to display the previous revision. The revision, date, or changelist number is displayed under the slider.