Tools preferences

You can configure the following Revision Graph and Time-Lapse View options:

Revision Graph:

  • Limit Revision Graph to ancestors and descendants: Limits a file’s integration history to ancestors and descendants (default). This option has the smallest footprint and ensures optimized performance.
  • Show Full Revision history in Revision Graph: Displays the full integration history of the branch. With this option, the revision graph might take longer to display.

Time-Lapse View:

  • By default Time-lapse view should show: Specifies whether Time-lapse View displays only direct file history, branch (integration/merge) history, or information about the originating changelist for the selected file by default.

    You can also select these display preferences in Time-lapse View. For more information about these options, see Viewing Image File History with Time-lapse View. For more Image Time-lapse preferences, see Image Timelapse preferences.