P4VS User Guide (2020.2)

P4VS User Guide

This guide describes the installation, configuration, and operation of P4VS, the Helix Plugin for Visual Studio. With P4VS, developers who work with Microsoft Visual Studio have access to Helix Core features from within the Visual Studio interface. It is possible to check in and check out files, view the version history, and so on.

What's new

This guide includes documentation for the following new features of this release.

  • Added support for CodeLens with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 version 16.1. If enabled, this feature lets you view in the editor the names of users who made changes to code and get a preview of up to five changelists. You can also open a changelist, the file history, or the Time-lapse View. For details, see Finding code changes and references with CodeLens.
  • Added support for Helix Authentication Service, which can be used to integrate certain Perforce products with your organization's Identity Provider (IdP).

For a complete list of changes, see the P4VS Release Notes.

Additional help for Helix Core

Helix Core overview

See Solutions Overview: Helix Version Control System for an introduction to Helix Core concepts and capabilities.

Helix server administration

See Helix Core Server Administrator Guide for information on installation, configuration, and management of Helix server.

Command line client usage

See the Helix Core Server User Guide for information on how to use the Helix server Command Line Client.

Command reference

See the Helix Core P4 Command Reference for usage and reference for the Helix server command-line client.