P4VS User Guide (2020.2)

Displaying the revision history of a file or folder

To display a file’s revision history:

  1. Open the File History tool window by doing one of the following:

    • Right-click the file or folder icon in Solution Explorer and choose Revisions > Show History.
    • Go to View > File History.
    • In the Submitted Changelist dialog, right-click a file and select File History.
  2. View file revisions in the File History tool window by clicking the triangle to the left of the file name.
  3. To view details, including changelist descriptions, select Details.
  4. To view integration history, select Integrations.
  5. To view label history, select Labels.
  6. To diff two file revisions, drag one revision row and drop it onto the other.

    This launches P4Merge (or your preferred diff tool, if it is not P4Merge), which displays the differences between the two file revisions. For more information about diffing files with P4Merge, see the P4Merge User Guide.