P4VS User Guide (2020.2)

Checking in files and working with changelists

To check in a file, you must submit a changelistA list of files, their version numbers, the changes made to the files, and a description of the changes made. A changelist is the basic unit of versioned work in Helix server. The changes specified in the changelist are not stored in the depot until the changelist is submitted to the depot. See also atomic change transaction and changelist number.. Whenever you mark files for add or delete, check them out, integrateTo compare two sets of files (for example, two codeline branches) and determine which changes in one set apply to the other, determine if the changes have already been propagated, and propagate any outstanding changes from one set to another. (merge or copy), or schedule them for resolveThe process you use to manage the differences between two revisions of a file, or two versions of a stream. You can choose to resolve file conflicts by selecting the source or target file to be submitted, by merging the contents of conflicting files, or by making additional changes. To resolve stream conflicts, you can choose to accept the public source, accept the checked out target, manually accept changes, or combine path fields of the public and checked out version while accepting all other changes made in the checked out version., the files are added to changelists. Helix server changelists are lists of actions to be performed on files. The actions in the changelist are performed when you submitTo send a pending changelist into the Helix server depot for processing. the changelist. Pending changelistsA changelist that has not been submitted. are changelists that have yet to be submitted. Changelists are assigned unique numbers by Helix server. In addition, a default changelistThe changelist used by a file add, edit, or delete, unless a numbered changelist is specified. A default pending changelist is created automatically when a file is opened for edit. is maintained for each client workspaceDirectories on your machine where you work on file revisions that are managed by Helix server. By default, this name is set to the name of the machine on which your client workspace is located, but it can be overridden. Client workspaces, labels, and branch specifications cannot share the same name.. If submission of the default changelist fails, Helix server assigns it a numberAn integer that identifies a changelist. Submitted changelist numbers are ordinal (increasing), but not necessarily consecutive. For example, 103, 105, 108, 109. A pending changelist number might be assigned a different value upon submission..