As mentioned in Controlling Services, Helix TeamHub uses runit to run and monitor its services. Two types of logs are created:

  • Logs written by svlogd for the services that write to stdout, for example: resque service.
  • Logs written by the service directly, for example apache service.

The log files are located at /var/log/hth, and its recommended to keep them on a separate partition. The rule of thumb is, if the /var/log/hth/<service>/current (maintained by svlogd) file is empty, look for *.log files (maintained by the service directly) within the same directory.

To see all logs in real-time, use the "tail" switch provided by the TeamHub control utility:

sudo hth-ctl tail

Log rotation

The svlogd logs are rotated by the daemon itself. However, the logs written by the services directly are rotated with logrotate. Regardless of the type, by default all logs are rotated and compressed daily and kept for 30 days. See and customize log rotation settings through logging configuration flags.

Audit logs

In addition to logs created by the services, Helix TeamHub stores a number of audit logs. These logs are in JSON format located under /var/log/hth/audit. By default, the audit logs are rotated and compressed daily and kept for 90 days, however they can be fine-tuned through logging configuration flags.