Helix TeamHub CLI User Guide

The Helix TeamHub CLI tool enables you to carry out common actions across multiple repositories without leaving the command line. Automation of the hth-cli commands is supported by the use of flags and piping.

This guide helps you to get started with hth-cli and assumes knowledge of Helix TeamHub.

If you are new to the Helix TeamHub CLI tool, see these topics to get started:

What's new

Following is a summary of new information with links to the most prominent topics. For a complete list of new features and bug fixes, see the Release Notes.

  • Added support for external Git repositories, see Example manifest file.
  • The setup command now includes Helix TeamHub log in by default. Log in can be skipped during set up by using the new --no-login flag. For more information about the setup command and flags, see Setup hth-cli.
  • Added the ability to interactively create your local directory by running the hth init command without a URL, see Init.
  • The hth manifest edit command now has an --interactive flag that opens the repository selector for the manifest file, see Manifest.
  • hth-cli now offers to save any missing instance, company, or user information to the global config after a successful log in. For information, see After successful log in.
  • Added the ability to checkout code reviews and multi-repo code reviews, see Code Review and Multi-repo Code Review.
  • Added the ability to list code reviews or multi-repo code reviews you created or that you are a reviewer of, see Code Review and Multi-repo Code Review.
  • hth-cli now warns you if there are uncommitted changes on the source branch and will ensure there are differing commits in the source compared to the destination branches before creating a new multi-repo code review. Change detection can be disabled by including the --skip-change-detection flag when running the multi-repo code review create command, see Multi-repo Code Review.
  • Added --yes and --protocol global flags, see Helix TeamHub CLI command reference.
  • Improved the use of default file editors when opening files for edit, see Default file editor.
  • Removed the --password-stdin flag used with the login command, see hth session create (hth login).

Additional help for Helix TeamHub

Migration details

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Usage information

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Admin information

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Developer resources

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