Code Review

hth code-review lets you manage code reviews for the current repository.


The hth code-review can be shortened to hth cr.


(where nn is the code review number)

  • checkout nn checkout the topic branch of a code review repository locally
  • close nn close a code review
  • create create a new code review
  • list list code reviews
  • merge nn merge a code review
  • reopen nn reopen a code review
  • revert nn revert a code review
  • view nn view a code review


Flags Description
list command flags:
--long List code reviews using long format.
--my List code reviews you created or that you are a reviewer of. Only lists code reviews for the current project.
--state List code review state (default open)
--type List code review type (default standalone)
create command flags:
--desc Add a code review description.
-d or --destination Add a code review destination reference.
--input-reference Ask to input references.
-r or --repository Add a repository ID.
-s or --source Add a code review source reference.
-t or --title Add a code review title.
merge command flags:
--delete-branch Delete branch.
--merge-method Specify merge method (merge, rebase, or squash). Default merge.