Helix TeamHub CLI command reference

This section details the commands available to you and how to use them.

To list all of the commands available to you from the command line, enter hth --help or hth -h. To get help on a specific command and its flags from the command line, enter hth command --help or hth command -h where command is the command you need help on.

Global flags available for all commands:

  • To run any command with verbose output (debug output), add the --verbose or -v flag to the command.
  • To confirm an interactive step when you run a command, add the --yes or -y flag to the command.
  • To override the default repository access protocol (ssh) or the protocol defined in the global configuration (if set), add the --protocol flag to the command. Valid protocols are ssh and http.

The global flags can be set as persistent keys for each command in the global and local config files so the flag is used each time the command is run. hth-cli checks for a global flag when a command is run and uses the last flag setting it finds. hth-cli checks for global flags using the following order: global config file > local config file > command line entry

Write operations request a confirmation

Any write operation, such as hth pull, hth commit, hth push, will ask for a confirmation as shown below:


You can automatically confirm a write command by setting the --yes or -y flag for the command as a persistent key in the global or local config file.

Pushing/Pulling/Commiting changes for:
to `myhth.com/acme/projects/platform`

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Helix TeamHub CLI commands: