Helix TeamHub User Guide

Helix TeamHub is a collection of software development tools for your organization. Helix TeamHub helps you and your team to organize your efforts, stay connected, and store your work.

This guide helps you get started and provides conceptual and procedural information on user profiles and authentication, project and team roles, project and repository hooks, version control and repositories, and bots and programmatic repository access.

If you are new to Helix TeamHub, see these topics to get started:

What's new

For a complete list of what's new in this release, see the Helix TeamHub Release Notes.

  • You can now view storage usage for individual projects on the My Dashboard, All projects, project Activity, and project Settings pages, see Project storage usage.
  • You can now view storage usage for individual repositories on the project Repositories page, see Repository storage usage.
  • You can now recalculate your storage manually from your My Dashboard if you are a company administrator, see Company seat and storage usage.
  • You can now view your repositories in the Most Visited Repositories section of the My Dashboard page, see Getting started.
  • The new Manifest editor enables you to interactively add, edit, and delete repositories in the TeamHub UI, see Manifest editor.
  • Notification email improvements:
    • Instant notification emails now include email headers, making it easier than ever to filter your TeamHub emails in your email client. For information about email headers, see Email headers.
    • Email content has been reordered, so you see the most important information first.
    • Reply emails now include the original comment the reply is to, so you have context for the reply.
    • Emails now include links to the reviews and projects referenced in the email, so you can quickly access them.
    • Emails are now sent in rich text format.

Additional help for Helix TeamHub

Migration details

See Migrating to Helix TeamHub to migrate from an existing Deveo installation.

Admin information

See Helix TeamHub Administrator Guide to plan deployment, install, bootstrap, and maintain Helix TeamHub.

Helix TeamHub CLI tool

See Helix TeamHub CLI User Guide to install, configure, and use the hth-cli tool.

Developer resources

See the Helix TeamHub Developer Guide to take an API tutorial, access reference information, or upgrade to the latest API.