Helix TeamHub supports branching from the UI for Git and Helix Git repositories.

Branching refers to creating a branch from a repository. Branches remain part of the original repository and allow you to make changes that can be merged into the repository when the work is complete. Branching is only available for supported repositories.

For information on how to merge your changes into the parent repository, see the Code review merge options section under Code Reviews.

To create a branch:

  1. Navigate to the project.

  2. Navigate to the repository you would like to add a branch to.

  3. In the repository tree view, click the Branch dropdown. The dropdown lists any existing branches.

  4. Enter a unique name for your new branch in the Search box. TeamHub displays No results and offers to create the new branch for you.

    Image of the create new branch dropdown

  5. Click the Create branch <branchname> text. TeamHub displays the newly created branch.

    Now you can now start working in the new branch.