Creating a CR inside a repository


Helix TeamHub supports code reviews for Mercurial, Git, and Helix Git repositories.

When you have a feature branch, you might want to review it before incorporating it into the base branch. To achieve this, you can create a code review.

To create a new code review:

  1. In the Code Reviews view, on the Code Reviews tab, click the plus icon Add icon to the right of the Search field to create a new code review.
  2. In the New code review form, select the repository that contains your feature branch.

    New code review in Helix TeamHub

  3. Select the source (your feature branch) and destination (the base branch).
  4. Enter a title for your code review.
  5. (Optional) Enter a description for your code review.
  6. (Optional) Select any of the following:

    • Approvals to specify the Number of approvals required before merging is allowed. This prevents merging if the code does not receive the specified number of approvals.
    • Automatic merge to merge the code review automatically when the configured criteria are met (such as build successful, code review approved, and task comments resolved).
    • Reset approvals when new changes are submitted to require reviewers to approve new changes submitted after approval.
    • Require passing build to prevent merging if there is no passing head build.
    • Require all tasks to be resolved to prevent merging unless all tasks created during the review process have been resolved.
  7. Click Create.

    Code review in Helix TeamHub

    You can modify the settings of your code review at any time.