Feature settings

The Company settings form displays your company's feature settings on the Features tab. The following options are available:

  • Code Search: Turn on to enable code searching at the company level. For information on code search, see Code search.
  • File Sharing: Turn on to enable file sharing, on by default. For details, see Tabs in Code browser views.
  • Issues: Turn on to enable issue tracking.
  • Wiki: Turn on to enable Wiki support.
  • Version control systems: Turn on the version control system or systems for which you want to enable repository creation. The settings have no effect on existing repositories.
  • Limit project creation to company admins: Turn on to prevent users with non-admin roles from creating new projects.
  • Automatic depot creation: Only available with Helix authentication. Turn on to include the Automate depot creation and permission management option in the New project form. This option enables TeamHub to automatically create a depot and appropriate groups for a new project and grant permissions to the user gconn-user. See also Projects and Creating Git repositories stored in Helix server.
  • Enable repository creation for project masters: Turn on to allow project masters to create repositories. By default, only project admins can create repositories.
  • Allow collaborator creation to: Select one of the following values:

    • Everyone: Any user in the company can invite collaborators.
    • Company admins only: Only users designated as company admins can invite collaborators. For more information, see User Profiles & authentication.
    • No one (disabled): Collaborator creation is unavailable.