Getting started

Welcome aboard! This guide will get you started on using Helix TeamHub.

When you first log in, you land in the My Dashboard view. From there, you can quickly access your favorite projects and see open issues or code reviews you are part of.


Navigation in Helix TeamHub happens at the following scope levels:

  • Account (My Dashboard & User Preferences)
  • Company
  • Project

The links displayed in the side menu depend on the scope level you are viewing.

Company scope

At the company scope level, you can manage your company and its projects, users, collaborators, groups, bots and hooks. You can access the company scope from the header bar by clicking the company name or icon in the top left corner.


Access to company scope is restricted for collaborators.

Company Scope Menu

Project scope

The project scope is activated whenever you access or create a new project. In TeamHub, each project is an isolated entity with its own team, repositories, milestones and so on. Projects are created at the company scope level. A company can have multiple projects. The project's team, for example, is formed by granting access to individual company users, collaborators, groups or bots, and giving them appropriate project roles.

Project Scope Menu


Quick actions in the header enable access to common creative actions in Helix TeamHub.

Quick Actions

The avatar dropdown has useful links and lets you access the user preferences.


That's it - we hope you enjoy using TeamHub!

For more information on different user profiles and roles in TeamHub, see:

Repository-type dependent features

TeamHub supports the following combination of features and repository types:

Repository Git Helix Git Mercurial Subversion WebDAV Maven Ivy Docker
Edit/Commit from the UI        
Code search          
Code review          
Multi-repo code review              
Compare view        
Branch from UI            
Fork from UI            
Manage protected branches            
Garbage collection              
Change UUID              
Helix TeamHub CLI User Guide            

Notation conventions

The Helix TeamHub uses the following notations throughout the UI:

Notation Description
#X Issue
!X Single code review
%X multi-repo code review