Limitations with Helix authentication

TeamHub is integrated with Helix server. If your TeamHub instance is configured to use Helix authentication, you can manage repositories and kick off reviews using the TeamHub user interface.

Helix authentication implies that part of the configuration and management happens in Helix server. As a result, some elements in the TeamHub UI have been removed or disabled and others have been added, as detailed in the following table.

Entity Change Helix server Documentation (where applicable)


Removed the Collaborators view and ability to view or add collaborators in Team view



Disabled ability to change a bot's short name



Added ability to:

Removed ability to:

  • Fork native Git repositories
  • Rename Git repositories stored in Helix server
  • Configure the garbage collection feature for Git repositories managed by Helix server

    Git repositories managed by Helix server do not require garbage collection because they do not store data on the disk where the Helix TeamHub instance resides.


Company settings

  • Authentication tab: Disabled ability to configure SAML authentication

With Helix authentication, Helix TeamHub supports only one company per instance. Company creation is disabled.