Helix Core Server User Guide (2018.2)

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Syntax conventions

Helix documentation uses the following syntax conventions to describe command line syntax.

Notation Meaning
literal Must be used in the command exactly as shown.
italics A parameter for which you must supply specific information. For example, for a serverid parameter, supply the ID of the server.
[-f] The enclosed elements are optional. Omit the brackets when you compose the command.
  • Repeats as much as needed:

    • alias-name[[$(arg1)...[$(argn)]]=transformation
  • Recursive for all directory levels:
    • clone perforce:1666 //depot/main/p4... ~/local-repos/main

    • p4 repos -e //gra.../rep...
element1 | element2 Either element1 or element2 is required.


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Other documentation

See https://www.perforce.com/support/self-service-resources/documentation.