Automatically deploy code within a review

Deploying code in a code review automatically involves enabling Automated Deployment in your project's configuration and providing a trigger URL. When the trigger URL is requested, Swarm expects a deployment program to be executed.

When the deployment processing ends, Swarm expects either a success callback URL or failure callback URL to be requested by your deployment program. These callback URLs should include a url parameter (either via GET or POST); when a valid-looking URL is included, clicking the deployment status indicator directs the user to the specified URL. This is intended to facilitate easy viewing of the successfully deployed review, or a report indicating why the deployment failed. The url parameter is mandatory for successful deployments, but is optional for failures.

  1. Navigate to the project page.
  2. Click the project Settings tab to display the Project Settings page.
  3. Automated Deployment checkbox: select Enable to display the configuration field:
  4. Automated Deployment configuration fields image

  5. Provide a URL that triggers your deployment execution.

    Special arguments are available to inform your deployment program of various details from Swarm:


    Helix Plugin for Jenkins 1.10.11 and later: Swarm must send the parameters for the build to Jenkins as a POST request. To do this, enter the parameters in the Post Body and select URL Encoded.

    The change number
    Status of the change, shelved or submitted
    The review's identifier
    The project's identifier
    The project's name
    The branch identifier(s), comma-separated
    The branch name(s), comma-separated
    Deployment successful callback URL
    Deployment failure callback URL