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Course -Using Commons for Collaboration

  1. Using Commons
  2. Using Dropbox with Commons
  • Descriptions

    Using Commons

    Learn to version and share your work-in-progress files in a web-based interface. Browse and set up spaces, drag-and-drop your files into Commons, compare selected versions, leave comments for other reviewers, and track history automatically.

    Using Dropbox with Commons

    Link Commons directly to your Dropbox account. Use Dropbox to sync your files across your devices while you are working on them. Move them back into Commons when you want to version and collaborate.

  • Transcript

    Hey there, we've got a new feature we're excited to show you.Commons has now integrated with Dropbox.

    Today, we'd like to show you how this works.

    Here's a document versioned in Commons.

    Note that up in the top of the page toolbar, you see a function, "add to Dropbox".

    We just click that, and the document is now added to your Dropbox account.

    If you've installed your Dropbox locally, the file is automatically added to the Commons application folder for your team instance.

    Just open the file here, edit and save, and your changes will be made available on all devices where you've installed Dropbox.

    When you're ready to version your work, it's time to go back to Commons.

    Once we're here, notice how the little Dropbox logo in the top toolbar now shows the number of files edited.Click on this logo to show what's actually in your Dropbox.

    Here, we're going to review the changes we've made by sending all our edits files to the Commons file valet.

    Now we can review the differences we've made, and possibly deal with merging our work with other people's work, safely and reliably.

    To use Dropbox in Commons, you'll need to give Commons access to your Dropbox account.

    If you do not see the Dropbox logo on the top right, open up the system menu, and select Connect Dropbox Account.

    Some instructions will slide down.

    Continue by selecting Get Started, then Connect.

    Now we'll be taken to the Dropbox website.

    After you have signed into Dropbox, you'll see the authorization screen here.

    Select Allow, and you'll be taken back into Commons.

    Back in Commons, you'll now see there is a new Dropbox logo in the top menu.

    From here, you're all set.

    That's all for today, thanks for watching!