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2000.1 Beta - Nov. 9, 2000

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Thank you for trying out the beta test version of P4Web, the web-enabled Perforce user interface. During the beta test period, we will be making incremental improvements to P4Web that may change its appearance and behavior. If you haven't already downloaded your P4Web beta software, please submit a P4Web Beta Test Request for information about downloading.


P4Web is documented in "How to Use P4Web" and in embedded help files. (During the beta test period, the embedded help files may not be as up-to-date as the web site links.)


Latest Changes

Macintosh startup configuration dialog now available
Support for changing filetypes added
Support for "Show opened files -- all clients" added
4454 fixed: case mismatch in username makes authentication fail
4446 fixed: trailing "?=" in file content URLs prevents some browsers from recognizing file suffix
4326 fixed: can't see filetype of opened files
4507 fixed: can't diff opened binary files
4267 fixed: p4web doesn't check for port in use before starting up
Label spec and branch spec list pages available
"Recent activity" display now optional, not shown by default
4443 fixed: wrong "Go To" menu items shown in Viewer mode
Support for moving opened files between pending changelists added
3532 fixed: no way to delete an empty pending changelist
4426 fixed: maxresults error prevents display of links to subdirectories
4376 fixed: Changing settings to bad port prevents access to settings page.
Startup command flags & arguments have changed -- run p4web -h for info.
Support for "integrate" added
Interactive "resolve" available on Windows and Unix
Hide/show files now available
4337 fixed: "return to browser" button now returns to file browser page too
4296 fixed: showing command results in file browser page invited futile refresh/reload
4291 fixed: attempt to show filelog on path (via URL) gave mangled results
4261 fixed: no "all files" option in "revert" form
4222 fixed: "open for delete" showed empty "options" heading
4219 fixed: "show" menu operations caused inconsistent page titles
4212 fixed: shortcuts worked on "matching files" not on current path
4167 fixed: on Mac, client root field was displayed incorrectly
4132 fixed: invalid URL crashed p4web
4100 fixed: attempted to launch editor even if browser and workspace on different machines
4086 fixed: p4web crashed trying to launch editor on non-existent file
4085 fixed: p4web crashed when certain wildcard mappings occured in client views
4049 fixed: some help file links not working in IE5
4032 fixed: path browser margins not lining up
3993 fixed: p4web doesn't pick a default port address; requires user to supply one
3937 fixed: deleted files not on workspace show up with "synced" icon
3654 fixed: on Mac, client root field was cleared every time client edit page was shown
3568 fixed: password help file now displayed at authentication error
3415 fixed: on Mac, now outputs a message if p4web.config file can't be found
3247 fixed: drop-down menus weren't pre-selected
Introductory Help files added
Path browser shows file revision and type info
Interactive resolve available on Mac
Editor launch support added
Configuration Settings page added
Support for MIME display of file content
Support for extended filelog (filelog -i)
3843 fixed: authentication problems on Unix
The File Browser offers shortcut buttons for common file operations.
3421, 3491 fixed: Macintosh memory allocation problems.
P4Web's "Client mode/depot mode" concept has been replaced with client/depot view preferences available in the Path Browser's "Show" menu. Now you can view mapped files you're not synced to yet. (Same as what you see in P4Win.)
3494 fixed: Offline remote depots prevent viewing top level path.
3426 fixed: "Error: //* - must refer to client 'clientname'"
3399 fixed: No "resolve" page help
3252 new: Support for browse-only P4Web.
3011 fixed: P4Web stops running (or won't start up) if it can't connect to a Perforce server
3438 fixed: No "unlock" help
3378 fixed: Problems with diff output page
3433 fixed: Mangled $Id examples in help pages

Unsupported Operations

The following operations will be supported in a future release:

Limitations and Known Problems

Please Send Us Your Feedback

Your feedback will help us craft a better P4Web. Please email your comments and bug reports to [email protected]. Be prepared to tell us:

Thank you!

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